The Revelation has four strategically placed rubber sound dampeners that silence the sear mechanisms and allow the shooter to make an absolutely quiet shot for the wariest of game without sacrificing the precision and accuracy Carter is known for.

There is no travel adjustment needed as the Magnetic Adjustment System provides one of the best no movement trigger breaks in the industry. This innovative feature makes changing your trigger tension faster and simpler than ever. Simply remove or add the trigger magnets quickly and easily by sliding them in or out for instant trigger tension customization. Changing your trigger tension has never been quieter or easier, ever.

The Revelation features a reverse open jaw for fast and silent hookups on a d-loop. The jaw is strategically designed to open away from the face to minimize string and loop contact from facial pressure or shooting with a face mask or full beard, therefore, assuring perfect arrow flight. The Revelation has a magnet to return the hook to the closed position for easier loading. It also has a removable lanyard system to give the bowhunter an option of clipping it on the loop or keeping the Revelation on your wrist.



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