Whisper Small

This release features an open jaw that loads quickly and silently on a d-loop. The jaw is also strategically designed to open away from the face to minimize string and loop contact to assure perfect arrow flight. This allows for perfect clearance of archers using a face mask or who have a beard.

In addition to the open hook the Whisper also has a very short distance between the string loop and the release hand allowing the archer to shoot a ½” longer draw while still maintaining their normal anchor point or it allows the archer to shoot a ½” longer D-loop which creates less torque.

The Magnetic Adjustment Tension System (M.A.T.S.) feature makes changing your trigger tension faster or simpler than ever. Simply remove or add the trigger magnets quickly and easily by sliding them in or out for instant trigger tension customization.

The Whisper has a three finger handle and includes a pinky finger extension.

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