Ember 1

The Ember 1 is accurate and versatile enough for the target shooter or hunter. It is one of the fastest, most accurate, easiest loading, best tuning release ever made.

The shorter handle design enables the archer to shoot a half inch longer draw and increase arrow speeds up to 5fps. The open hook automatically reloads after firing and is ideal for fast shooting. It features the Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S) allowing the archer to switch the trigger springs quickly and easily.

The modular designed handle allows it to be shot as a two, three, or four-finger thumb trigger, and as a reversible THIRD–finger TRIGGER. When shot as a third finger trigger the jaw is reversed allowing the bowstring to have virtually no contact with the archers face providing flawless arrow flight. This reverse jaw feature is very important for archers with full cheeks, beards or hunting face masks.

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