Mini Evolution Plus 4fg

Evolve into the best shooter you can be with the Mini Evolution Plus from Carter Enterprises. The first trigger-less release aid that actually teaches you how to properly execute an unanticipated surprise shot with back tension. The Mini Evolution is designed only to fire when it has reached the set maximum resistance setting by pulling against the back wall of your bows cam. The release is fully micro-adjustable and can be set anywhere from 10-35 pounds depending on which spring is installed using the innovative Interchangeable Tension System or I.T.S system. This release fires only by resistance and not by rotation or trigger travel. This is a perfect release for struggling archers looking to achieve the surprise shot using proper back tension. The Mini Evolution also has a reliable thumb safety that is used when drawing or letting the bow down and will eliminate chances of premature firing. The jaw is partially open to allow the archer to engage or disengage the release from a D-loop even if the release is cocked. Eliminate target panic and master the form that the top pros depend on using the Mini Evolution Plus!

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